10 ways to prepare your home for hurricane season

  • 14 August 2020 |


We are right in the middle of hurricane season. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration expects higher than normal Atlantic hurricane season with a high number of storms and hurricanes and so far they have been right on. 

Here are a few things you can do to stormproof your home and property as much as possible. 

Invest in HVAC unit covers

Not a lot of people know that air conditioner units have covers to protect from falling debris. 

Check your HVAC unit’s manufacturer and contact the company for a cover; the specific manufacturer of your unit has covers that work with your system so that it works in full capacity when the cover is in use

Plywood on windows

When you live in hurricane-prone areas it is always a good idea to have half-inch-thick plywood cut for your windows at the ready. If a tropical storm or hurricane is approaching you can place the plywood on the exterior of your window. Check out this link for a detailed description of how to install plywood to your exterior windows. 4 Ways to Board Up Windows for a Hurricane

Install impact-resistant windows

“High impact windows are what you want — if you want your house to have a better chance of surviving a hurricane!” 

There are 2 main types of impact windows, depending on the degree of impact resistance (i.e. likelihood of shattering) you’re after:

  1. One type of impact windows is designed for small missile (projectile) impacts. These windows consist of multiple layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass. The glass is then placed in an autoclave at least 600 degrees Celsius under high pressure — to temper the glass in order to increase its strength.

  2. The other type of impact windows is designed for larger missile impacts. These windows are referred to as PET laminated glass and glass-clad polycarbonate. In most cases, the windows are attached to the frame with structural silicone sealant. 

Source of above info here!

Clear gutters and drains

Make sure the gutters and drains are clear of debris as there will be a lot of water rushing through those drains. 


Trim trees and shrubbery

Trim the bushes and branches around your home. Trees with branches touching your roof can aid in ripping tiles or shingles off causing further water leakage. 


Check the foundation

Check around the perimeter of your home checking for any signs of cracks or stress in the foundation. Water can leak through these cracks. Patch the problem areas. 



Protect appliances

When Power outages and surges can cause damage to the interior appliances. When a hurricane is heading in your direction it is wise to put appliance up on wood or concrete blocks in order to keep the motor away from flooding. It is important to never walk into a room where there is flooding when the electricity is not turned off. 


Buy a generator

As someone who has lived through hurricane Irma, I can attest to the fact that a good strong generator is ESSENTIAL in surviving the power outages. If you have a powerful one you can plug in the refrigerator and for the love of all things you can also plug in a fan to keep from dying of heat in the state of Florida. In my opinion it’s important to purchase a generator with enough energy possibilities to have multiple things running. 

Verify insurance coverage

Give your Give us a call to review your homeowners policy BEFORE a tropical storm is a named hurricane. We will make sure your policy is covering everything that is needed to protect your home and belongings!~  (239) 593-7333


Secure important documents


Make sure your important documents are secured, photocopied, backed up and waterproofed! 

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