When The Little League Baseball Game Reminds You of Real Life Featured

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I learned something watching a father and son during a little league baseball game.

-  You can have confidence in life when someone who knows what to do is on your team.

The VP of The Roe Agency was coaching his son Evan’s little league baseball team.

It was game day, and Evan Herrenbruck was nervous when it was his turn at bat. He wanted to hit the ball and get to first base. What he didn’t understand was that 'all of the front yard practices with dad was about to pay off.'


While placing his feet into position, he looked over his shoulder at his father.

Evan didn’t seem sure, he seemed to be a little nervous, but when he looked at his father, he gained confidence. The look on his dad’s face gave Evan a boost of pride. His dad signaled their secret code for ‘eyes on the ball.’ Evan nodded and locked his six-year-old gaze on the ball in the pitcher's hand. He watched as it was thrown and rocketed towards him. All it took for Evan was one muscle memory swing to connect bat to ball, and the ball went soaring over second base and into the outfield.


Evan’s mouth flew open. He heard his father yelling, GO~! RUN! Orange baseball-field clay was flung into the air behind Evan as he plunged towards first base. He plowed through first and headed for second. At every base, Evan looked at his dad for confirmation to keep going. As he ran up to third his dad was standing at the base hollering, “KEEP GOING! RUN! HOME BASE!” Evan rounded third and raced for home.

His foot reached home base before the ball. Evan’s teammates howled with excitement.

“Home run!”


When I witnessed this father-son interaction I thought about how it is so good to have someone looking out for you; to have someone with experience on your team. I thought about how sometimes you do not know the best move for your family, but at The Roe Agency, we know the best insurance policies to protect your family.


We know that your family is the priority. As you practice baseball in the front yard with your little leaguer, we at the Roe Agency have you covered with the most effective insurance policies for your family’s growing and changing needs.


Give us a call today! We would love to hear about your son’s baseball game, or if you want to ask any questions about your insurance policies, we are here to cover all the bases with you.


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