• 06 June 2018 |

It’s BACK!


Brace yourself; it is officially hurricane season again!

Weather reports have stated that it is going to be more active than usual but less intense than last year's season.


Hurricane season starts June 1st and lasts until November 30th. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued their forecast for the 2018 hurricane season.

NOAA representatives announced that this season will be more active than usual with a 75 percent chance of an above-normal season.


It is anticipated that there is a 70 percent chance of 10 to 16 named storms. Out of the named storms, 5 to 9 could reach hurricane strength.

Last year three exceptionally powerful hurricanes formed in the same hurricane season making landfall: Harvey, Irma, and Maria causing millions of dollars in damage. It has been eight months, and 14,500 people still do not have electricity, ABC News reported.



Hurricane preparedness is essential this year especially since the southern region is still making repairs to the damage caused by last season’s hurricanes. There is hope however as Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project has stated that certain conditions could change and alter the looming forecast.



It is not clear yet whether ocean temperatures will heat up enough over the summer to fuel as intense storms like last year. Waiting on a hurricane forecast can be unnerving.  Activity in the Atlantic doesn’t usually start up until August, so there is plenty of time for the forecast to become less bleak. We at The Roe Agency know which insurance policies you need living in South West Florida. Call our office today 239-593-7333 or visit to schedule an appointment. We will love to go over your insurance policies to make sure that you are prepared for this year’s hurricane season.


Just one more way The Roe Agency is protecting tomorrow, so you can live today.



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