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Unease Over Florida’s Property Insurance Stability Growing

TALLAHASSEE — Facing increasing criticism, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty assured state leaders Tuesday he is working to stabilize the state’s troubled insurance market.

“We are deeply concerned about all … companies doing business in our state to make sure they have the financial wherewithal to pay claims,” McCarty said.


Florida Ban on Texting and Driving May Pass in 2010

by Feb 19,2010


On Jan. 3, 2008, Russell Hurd waited for his daughter at Walt Disney World in Orlando. They were about to plan her dream theme-park wedding.

But Heather Hurd was killed on her way to the meeting. She was a passenger in her fiance’s car, which was stopped at a light when a trucker who was texting on his phone slammed into the vehicle and eight others. Heather and another woman were killed instantly, and six others were injured.


Poorly Worded Life Insurance Policies Can Cost Survivors Big Bucks


Anyone with a life insurance policy they haven’t carefully read will want to do so ASAP after they learn about one widow’s unsuccessful fight with her dead husband’s life insurer.

It all started when Craig Bauer, an executive at manufacturer Omron Electronics, died in June 2006 of bacterial meningitis following a business trip that included stops in Brazil, China and Japan. Bauer had life insurance through his employer. The policy stated that in the event of his dying accidentally, his survivors would be entitled to a payment representing “five times base annual earnings to a maximum of $250,000.”