Hello, friends and neighbors of Naples!

As hurricane season is once again upon us,  here are  four insurance-related inquiries  for you to consider.  Being prepared prior to a claim  can save you thousands of dollars  in the long run.

  • Check the financial stability ratings of your insurance carrier . Much of this  information can be found very easily on  demotech.com .  Pay particular attention  to the most recent date that Demotech affirmed the stability rating of your carrier.
  • Check your hurricane deductible on your policy. Many carriers have a minimum of  a 2% hurricane deductible. On a home valued at $300,000, you could be looking at a  $6,000 threshold before any storm damage is paid. It is prudent to ask your agent  what YOUR exposure is.
  • Have a pool? Most carriers do not cover the pool  cage (or any screened enclosure).  Screened enclosures are defined as  “screened enclosures  made of walls of screened  material and framing of aluminum or other like product with a roofline that is  substantially different from that of the main dwelling.”  So—go out to your screened-in  porch and look up—if the ceiling of that area is not under the same truss line of your  home, you need a separate endorsement on your insurance policy!
  • One last thing to consider is the peril of wind-driven   Some policies will  exclude interior water damage unless there is discernible physical damage to the  exterior of the structure. So—if water is blown in through a dryer vent, don’t assume  that it is covered!

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