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Flood Insurance

Did you know most home and business insurance policies don’t cover flood losses? A flood is classified as standing or rising water that affects you and your neighbor’s home or two acres of land or more. Most people in Florida believe that since their lender has not forced flood insurance on their mortgage, they don’t need it.

Real Floods and Real Facts

Here are a few sobering facts about not having flood insurance while living in Florida: After or during a storm, if the water rose to the threshold of your home resulting from a clogged storm drain on your street- you would not be covered. If the level of a lake in your back yard, during a storm, began to rise to the point of reaching your lanai- you would not be covered. If your community is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you’re eligible for federally sponsored Flood Insurance coverage for your home or business.

The Roe Agency Participates in the National Flood Insurance Program

The Roe Agency is an active participant in the NFIP. By selecting National Flood Insurance coverage through a reliable company like The Roe Agency, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive a high level of customer service when you need it most.

Excess Flood Insurance Coverage May Be Available

In some states, if you purchase National Flood Insurance through The Roe Agency and find you need more coverage than the maximum limit provided by the NFIP program, you may be eligible to purchase additional coverage through an Excess Flood Insurance Policy from your Roe Agency agent.

Contact a local agent to learn more about your eligibility for Flood Insurance protection.


Why Everyone Should Consider Flood Insurance

  • Floods and flash floods can occur anytime, anywhere

     Floods happen in all 50 states: on coasts, on mountains, along rivers, in the desert, in towns and cities of every size. In recent years, roughly 25% of all flood insurance claims came from areas not considered high risk.

  • You can’t rely on Federal Disaster Assistance alone

    Many people don’t qualify for grants, making the most common form of assistance a disaster home loan. These loans must be repaid: principal plus interest.

  • Flood insurance may be more affordable than you think

    Contact your agent to learn more about the Flood Insurance coverage that may be available in your community.