Florida Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you protect what matters most – your loved ones. Life insurance helps ensure their financial needs are met, in the event of your passing. We consider things you would not want to, including:

  • 43,000 people who lost their lives in car accidents last year
  • Nearly 50 percent of families don’t have enough life insurance
  • 1 in 4 households has no life insurance

The time to think about life insurance is now.

Whole Life Insurance

Predictable lifelong protection with the most guarantees, like a fixed premium and death benefit.

Universal Life Insurance

Flexible protection that can last your lifetime and includes some cash accumulation options.

Variable Life Insurance

Different investment options for cash value and flexibility in benefits.

Employers often offer life insurance policies — and while that is a great start. The problem is this coverage only lasts while you are employed with the company, which puts you at risk if you change or lose your job. Most people usually need far more than what their employer can offer. Also, the coverage may end when you retire.

Not married? Kids not in your immediate future? You may think you do not need life insurance yet, but it may be to your advantage to buy it today. Generally, the younger and healthier you are when you initially purchase life insurance, the less expensive it is, and the easier it is to qualify for it. Each year that you wait to purchase life insurance, your rates will most likely increase. And if you develop any health issues in the future, it may impact your ability to get life insurance regardless of your age.

There are two basic types of life insurance: term and permanent.

Deciding which type may be appropriate for you depends on how you want your life insurance to work for your family. The Roe Agency Life Insurance Specialists can help you determine the type and amount of protection you may need. Even if you have concerns regarding the affordability of life insurance, any protection is better than nothing.

Our financial specialists can assist you in evaluating the coverage amounts of types of policies that work for you.

  • Fills a temporary need for life insurance protection in your life
  • Offers the least expensive insurance protection
  • Most policies allow you to convert your term policy into a permanent one
  • Can be used as supplemental coverage to a permanent policy
  • Death benefits are generally income tax free
    • Policies offer lifetime protection and can build tax-deferred cash value
    • Withdrawals and loans make it easy to access your cash value to help supplement retirement and emergencies
    • You can cancel or surrender the policy at any time and use the cash value however you wish
    • Offers a guaranteed premium that won’t increase
    • Death benefits are generally income tax free

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If something happened to you, would your family be able to maintain the same standard of living they do today? Life insurance may allow your family to remain in their home without having to worry about paying a mortgage.

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The Roe Agency Life Insurance Difference

With a life insurance policy from The Roe Agency, you get great protection and expert support from agents. The Roe Agency goes the extra mile to provide innovative yet simple solutions that help you with your specific needs.

Life insurance policies are not created equal. The Roe Agency offers personalized choices and features not typically found in standard policies.