3 Insurance Policies to Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

  • 13 April 2018 |

 3 Insurance Policies to Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Irma's landfall is just months behind us, and we are already receiving a warning for 2018 that is less than encouraging.  Hurricane season begins June 1st. Meteorologists are informing the country that this year the conditions are ripe for an active season. To summarize, Dan Kottlowski, a meteorologist and hurricane expert at AccuWeather said,  although our 2018 hurricane season will not be as eventful as last year, with warm temperatures across the Atlantic Basin, we have to assume there will be a better chance for the above-average number of storms across the Atlantic.

If you are as fatigued with hurricane cleanup as I have been these last many months, you might not like to learn that the season spans almost half the year from June through November. This expanse of time gives plenty of opportunities for storms to make landfall in our backyards again.

What type of insurance policies helps us to secure our home and family for another hurricane season? I have listed three critical policies for anyone living in South West Florida.

Flood insurance- Flood insurance is the first and most crucial step in preparing for hurricane season. People usually underestimate the chance of flooding, but 90 percent of all natural disasters include some form of flooding!

Windstorm Policy-  Windstorm insurance may cover damages from tornadoes, hurricane-force winds, hail and other weather that is accompanied by wind gusts that exceed 35 miles per hour.

Renters Insurance- Your landlord may provide insurance coverage for the structure of your home, but a renter is responsible for his belongings. Renters insurance covers the destruction or loss of your possessions if they are damaged by a storm or other disaster listed in the policy. A standard renters insurance policy also covers you if you are unable to live in your house or apartment due to damage caused by a hurricane.

At The Roe Agency, we know which policies will best protect your family from the next tropical storm this hurricane season. We are eager to speak with you for a complimentary review of your homeowner's insurance policy. Call our office at 239-593-7333 or visit to schedule an appointment today!


Just one more way The Roe Agency is protecting tomorrow, so you can live today!




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