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U.S. Dodges Bullet in Busy Hurricane Season

Douglas H. Wheelock/NASA Hurricane Igor, photographed in September from the International Space Station, battered Newfoundland. It was a rarity in that it hit Canada with hurricane force winds.

One of the most active hurricane seasons on record is coming to a close, although you might be forgiven for missing it if you live in the United States. In an exceptional run of good luck, the nation avoided a direct hit by a hurricane for the second year in a row.


What is Identity Theft Identity Theft Facts

With all the publicity in the media you probably know what identity theft is. But we have provided information for those of you who are still wondering… What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft happens when another person assumes your identity by stealing and using your personal information, such as your Social Security number, bank or credit card account numbers or other information, with the purpose of stealing your money or committing other crimes.


Unease Over Florida’s Property Insurance Stability Growing

TALLAHASSEE — Facing increasing criticism, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty assured state leaders Tuesday he is working to stabilize the state’s troubled insurance market.

“We are deeply concerned about all … companies doing business in our state to make sure they have the financial wherewithal to pay claims,” McCarty said.